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ISOTT 2016, Chicago, USA


I want to welcome you to Chicago for the 44th Annual Meeting of the International Society on Oxygen Transport to Tissue.


As in the past forty three ISOTT annual meetings, we will provide a forum for presentation and discussion among scientists, clinicians, and health providers, physiologists and biochemists, imaging specialists and physicists, engineers and mathematicians; from students to leaders in their fields.


The keynote talks will be given by experts in fields such as mitochondria and cancer, oxidative stress, oxygen metabolism, molecular and signal response to hypoxia, measurement and imaging of cancer oxygenation, microcirculation and intensive care medicine.


The conference will cover many aspects of oxygen transport to tissue including cellular hypoxia and mitochondria; oxygen therapeutics; oxygen transport in critical care medicine and disease; muscle oxygenation; high altitude and hypoxia; multi modal imaging; brain oxygenation and imaging; optical and magnetic resonance techniques for oxygen measurement and imaging; mathematical modelling of oxygen delivery, uptake and energy production; aspects of micro- and macrocirculation; organ function and metabolism; cancer metabolism, and many other topics. 


There is so much progress to discuss! Let's do it in Chicago next July! 


Howard Halpern, President of ISOTT 2016