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ISOTT 2016, Chicago, USA

2017-11-01 18:34

The ISOTT meeting for 2016 in Chicago, IL involved 105 scientists from 60 institutions in 15 countries from North America, Asia, Europe .  Given the busy schedules of many of the best known participants, topics were spread throughout the meeting.  In the best tradition of ISOTT, this allowed presentations and presenters to mingle with researchers from intellectually distant backgrounds.  The exotic spice of new ideas was thereby mingled with the broth of established understanding to stimulate the true value of this meeting: innovation.   

The meeting keynote presentation was given by Greg Semenza, who at the time had not yet won the Lasker Award for 2016, detailing the latest research on the molecular biology of the required organismal response to low levels of local oxygenation.  From molecular biology to individual human response to oxygen changes monitored by optical/near infrared spectroscopy/ tomography to novel electron resonance spectroscopy and spectroscopic imaging to progress in blood substitute research, retinal physiology etc., etc., the quality and innovation of the research and those involved in it was outstanding and exciting.  In depth presentations from our internationally recognized experts accompanied wide ranging shorter presentations.  As in recent past meetings, we poster information was communicated to the meeting attendees as a whole with succinct poster summary presentations that allowed our participants to focus on the novel and compelling for the poster sessions.

In addition to the presentation of the science, the history of ISOTT has revolved about the opportunities that the meeting and its venue provided for productive scientific exchange between attendees.  The location of the meeting at a boutique in the heart of Chicago’s Miracle Mile provided relaxed access to the most diverse restaurants, from small inexpensive but high quality quiet venues to some of the finest in the world.  Here in depth discussions could extend into the evening free of constraint.  The history of the city, considered by many to be the architectural capital of the United States, was elucidated during the Chicago River tour.  The vistas provided by the 95th floor banquet, the weather performance of a July storm with its second (and perhaps third order) rainbow after dinner, and the City fireworks that followed gave the muscular sense of one of America’s signature cities.  This seemed a superb setting for the optimum exchange of science and the engendered friendship.

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